Will Steffy's fears bring Thomas back to The Bold and the Beautiful?

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024 2:29:17 PM
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Thomas Forrester is set to make his The Bold and the Beautiful return. Is this how it happens?

In March, The Bold and the Beautiful's Steffy Forrester beamed with pride when she convinced her brother Thomas that he never had a future with Hope. She even talked Thomas into taking Douglas to Paris for an extended stay. What she didn't realize was that she might have sabotaged her own marriage in the process.

Steffy couldn't wait to gloat to Hope that Thomas was gone, so Hope could no longer use him as a sex toy. Hope insisted she loved Thomas and that their relationship was more than just sex, but Steffy didn't buy it. Now, Steffy is alarmed by all the time that Hope is spending with Steffy's husband. Finn and Hope seem awfully close lately, and Steffy doesn't even know the half of it.

All Steffy sees is Finn coming to Hope's defense and Hope reveling in Finn's attention and friendship. The alarm bells are going off in Steffy's head, and she doesn't even know that Hope is having some steamy fantasies about Finn. Steffy might realize that her determination to keep Thomas and Hope apart is coming back to bite her in the behind. She thought she was doing right by her brother, but she could have destroyed her family.

Never one to avoid taking action, Steffy could decide to relent and backtrack a bit. With Matthew Atkinson back on the B&B set in May and Thomas said to be headed back to our screens this month, perhaps Steffy summons him home to distract Hope from Finn. She might not tell Thomas her real reason for wanting him back and could just say Hope for The Future needs him more than ever -- which is true.

Steffy knows that all she has to do is get Thomas and Hope working together again for those sparks to start flying as they always have before. She needs to get Hope away from Finn, but she might not consider that Finn still hates Thomas and vowed months ago that Hope would never be with him.

Steffy might think she is fixing her marital problems with one phone call, but she might open up a whole new can of worms in which she has to defend her brother to her husband -- again. Hope might become distracted with Thomas back in town, but what will Steffy do about the fact that Finn now has feelings for her longtime rival and sometimes stepsister?

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