Another round for The Bold and the Beautiful's Bill and Katie? Don Diamont weighs in.

Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2024 4:24:54 PM
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Katie is awfully interested in Bill's love life again on The Bold and the Beautiful. But does that mean a reunion is in the works?

Sometimes people only want what they know they can't have. That might be the case for The Bold and the Beautiful's Bill and Katie. Dollar Bill Spencer has a new woman in his life, and now he knows he is the father of her child.

Seeing Bill happy with someone new has Katie a bit agitated, but she is trying not to show it. However, she keeps appearing in Bill's living room and can't seem to get him off her mind.

Knowing he is now with Poppy and has yet another long-lost adult child has Katie shocked but also clearly jealous. It might have been over between Katie and Bill for years, but there will always be something between them -- and not just their son, Will.

When Bill and Katie wed, he was a notorious playboy, and she was the good and pure Logan sister who rarely did anything wrong, unlike her sisters, Brooke and Donna. However, problems soon crept up in the marriage because Bill still had a wandering eye, and eventually, with Katie's urging, his eye wandered to Brooke, upending Bill and Katie's marriage while Katie was battling postpartum depression -- and the bottle.

"She knew who she was marrying and the challenges that would come with that. You can know that, but living with it is a different thing, right?" Don Diamont told Soap Opera Digest. "You can know, or think you know, who you're marrying, but then actually having to live with that over time will create challenges greater than maybe you thought there would be, and that certainly has proven to be true [for them], and cause them to come apart at the seams. And Bill owns a lot of that -- most of that -- for sure."

Until last year, Bill was still trying to reunite with either Katie or Brooke. He even gave both of them the same heartfelt speeches just minutes apart, begging them to return to him. The sisters both summarily rejected him, and a lonely Bill finally gave up.

Now that Bill has Poppy in his life, Katie's interest is piqued, but Diamont does not think his alter ego is planning to reunite with Katie anytime soon. However, he conceded that Katie could be the true love of Bill's life.

"Even though she's vulnerable to Bill, she had just been so hurt," Diamont said. "So that takes some time to get past. But once someone comes into Bill's life who he has a daughter with, that's definitely going to threaten Katie and I think also awaken some things in her that she has been able to sort of literally keep at bay -- compartmentalize, lock those feelings away. But they're there. They can't not be there. She's his great love, he's her great love. And so I look forward to seeing how that unfolds in the coming weeks and years."

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