Why Days of our Lives' Sloan and Nicole confrontation almost never happened

Posted Saturday, June 1, 2024 01:28:53 AM
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Nicole is ready to take on Sloan in a moment Days of our Lives fans have been waiting for.

After learning her baby was alive, after all, Days of our Lives' Nicole wanted to do nothing but spend time with him and shove the rest of the world aside for a while. Yes, she also wanted Sloan Petersen arrested for kidnapping, but it wasn't her top priority.

When Eric returned home with Rafe to talk to Sloan, he saw she had packed up her things and vanished. However, she made an appearance on Friday, May 31, and just wouldn't leave Nicole alone. When she sneaked into the DiMera living room, she was not prepared for the fury that would find her.

Nicole was ready to unleash all her anger on Sloan -- and rightfully so. After all, this woman allowed Nicole to believe her baby was dead and didn't even think about the devastation she caused. As Sloan tried to explain herself, Nicole let loose and screams at Eric's scheming wife for making Nicole miss six months of her child's life. Then, she promptly decked Sloan in a moment that should have been satisfying for Ericole fans.

However, that's not how this story was originally written. When head writer Ron Carlivati returned to his duties after the Writers Guild of America strike was over, he was disappointed that the fill-in writers wrote Nicole's reunion with Jude but shocked to learn that Sloan's story didn't come to a climactic conclusion.

"I got to play a Sloan/Nicole confrontation, which for some reason they had Sloan exit the canvas without ever having a confrontation with Nicole, which I thought was nuts," Carlivati told TV Insider when discussing his return to writing duties.

Does that mean that Sloan will finally be taken into custody and thrown in jail after the confrontation that almost never was, or is there more in store for this once strong character who threw it all away for the best sex of her life? After all, that is what she told Melinda when explaining why she couldn't quit Eric. Maybe she will somehow slip away from them all with a black eye, courtesy of Nicole, never to be heard from again

Does Sloan deserve jail time or forgiveness? Are you excited for big the Nicole/Sloan moment? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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