Did Chad really see Abigail on Days of our Lives? AnnaLynn McCord may have the answer

Posted Wednesday, June 19, 2024 12:47:28 PM
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AnnaLynne McCord finally made her Days of our Lives debut, but questions remain about who she is playing.

Days of our Lives' Chad was stunned when Clyde Weston told him his beloved Abigail was still alive. How could that be? He saw her lifeless body in the morgue and buried her two years ago. Still, if the man who he believed murdered her claimed his wife was not dead, after all, there was no way he could rest easy until he got the truth.

To that end, Chad and Julie traveled to Chicago to open the safe deposit box Clyde led them to and discovered a flash drive that soon gave them a shock. On the flash drive was footage of a nervous-looking blonde woman, but the image was fuzzy.

Chad and Julie had no idea if this woman was Abigail or not, but when Chad returned to Salem to confront Clyde and get some answers, he was told that the bad guy had been moved to a maximum-security prison where he couldn't receive visitors.

Chad remains determined to get to the truth. Is the mother of his children out there somewhere, scared and alone? Is she being held hostage? And how did she survive those brutal stab wounds if what Clyde claims is true?

AnnaLynne McCord, who plays this mysterious blonde woman, won't give away her character's identity and only refers to her as "Mystery Woman."

"What we believe is that she's Abigail Devereux, back from the dead," McCord told SheKnows Soaps. "But even if she is, and Chad is 'the love of her life,' she still doesn't feel anything [for him] because she doesn't know who she is. She's had amnesia. She's gone through a serious accident. She's had plastic surgery. She has had a whole myriad of things occur and she is navigating a really sticky situation when you first meet her."

McCord also previewed what comes next now that Chad is aware a blonde woman is out there who could be Abigail.

"You very quickly see that my character is under extreme duress," McCord said. "And it's Chad and another character that come to the rescue. There's a whole rescue operation being planned around my character because you very quickly are shown that trouble is afoot."

So, is she or isn't she Abigail? That's a mystery Chad knows he needs to solve if he's ever to feel peace again.

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