Five characters who need to return to Days of our Lives

Posted Friday, June 21, 2024 11:29:27 AM
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These Days of our Lives characters are out there somewhere, so why can't they make a return engagement in Salem?

Fan favorites often only return for somber occasions. But why should fans have to wait for something bad to happen in order to see the characters and actors that they love? These are five characters that fans have said they'd love to see again on a more regular basis.

Gabi Hernandez

It's been a little dull in Salem while Gabi has been twiddling her thumbs behind bars, waiting for Stefan to find the evidence to set her free. As a scheming member of the DiMera clan by marriage, Gabi needs to be back by Stefan's side, coming up with new ways to gain control of DiMera Enterprises.

Kristen could use a new foil in the DiMera mansion, and Rafe could use a sibling on the canvas. Gabi certainly fits the bill, and Stefan is thisclose to getting his wife out of Statesville to add a little spice to DiMera/Hernandez life. The good news is, viewers won't have to wait long for Gabi to return. The character will be returning within days, but with a new actress holding down the part.

Sami Brady

Salem and E.J. both need Sami, especially when they are about to lose Nicole. While it's fun to see Nicole and Sami sparring in the same scenes, DAYS needs at least one of them at all times to keep things lively. Plus, what is E.J. going to do when his marriage inevitably blows up due to his lies?

There is never a dull moment when Sami is around mucking things up all around her. She never learns from her mistakes, constantly gets herself in trouble, and keeps everyone on their toes, including the audience. When Samantha Gene isn't around, it always feels like something is missing in Salem, so that needs to be remedied soon.

Kimberly Brady Donovan

We see Kimberly's husband and son occasionally, and her daughter is a regular character, so why haven't we had a visit from Kayla's older sister since 2015? The last time we saw Kim, she paid a visit to Salem after Theresa learned that Tate belonged to her and not Kristen. We know Theresa lived near her parents when Kim was suffering from cancer, but we also know she is now doing well.

There's no reason for her not to pop into her hometown every once in a while for special occasions or even brief storyline arcs if she can't stick around on a regular basis. It would also be a chance to explore Kim and Theresa's mother-daughter dynamic more in-depth.

Adrienne Kiriakis

Fans still don't understand why a longtime beloved character like Adrienne was killed just so Bonnie Lockhart could morph into a new version of Adrienne and marry Justin. Bonnie was her own unique character for years and should have remained that way rather than being turned into Adrienne Lite.

It would be easy to find out that Dr. Rolf worked some of his mystical Salem voodoo and resurrected Adrienne. We could even learn the person who has been calling herself Bonnie is really Adrienne, and Rolf somehow switched their memories and personalities.

Bo and Hope Brady

Technically, Bo plus Hope would make this six characters that need to return, but let's be honest. This iconic couple and the actors who bring them to life are a package deal.

Bo is in a coma after being presumed dead for eight years, and Hope is by his side, willing him to wake up. That's what Brady and Fancy Face have been doing for the last year, and it's time for that to change -- meaning it's time for Bo to wake up and for him and Hope to return to Salem. Peter Reckell recently hinted that he might be heading back to the DAYS studio, so this return could actually happen!

Hope hasn't been a regular part of the Salem scene since 2020, and Bo has been gone since 2015. Together, they are one of DAYS' most popular and enduring pairs ever, and it's time to see them together again. Hope has been holding out for her hero for the better part of a decade, and she deserves to have him on the back of a motorcycle and not comatose in a hospital bed. Kristian Alfonso will be returning -- at least for a brief visit -- later this year as part of the show's memorial to Bill Hayes's Doug Williams.

Which DAYS characters would you like to see return? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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