Five characters who need to return to General Hospital

Posted Friday, June 21, 2024 11:38:46 AM
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These General Hospital characters can bring new life to Port Charles, even if two of them have to return from the dead.

Frank Valentini's recent comments that a blast from the past would soon be headed back to Port Charles generated a lot of buzz -- and it is clear that there are a lot of off-canvas characters that fans wouldn't mind seeing again. These are five that seemed to generate the most buzz.

Nelle Benson

Killing off Nina's daughter before Nina knew who that daughter was never made sense. Sometimes, it feels like GH realized that too late and chose to turn Willow into Nelle's twin just to give Nina a living child. However, since this is a soap, it's never too late. It wouldn't be hard to resurrect Nelle, since we never actually saw Chase identify her body.

Nelle's return would open up tons of story potential, as Nina gets to know her not-so-nice child while Willow and Michael cope with Wiley's bio mom being back in the picture. Plus, Nelle is always lots of delicious and malicious fun and is a villainess who does not need to be redeemed.

Julian Jerome

Ava needs her brother, and Sonny needs a worthy rival again -- a rival who can sometimes become a punching bag. By the time Julian was killed, that's exactly who he was, as Sonny chased Julian -- who had been shot -- onto a footbridge in New Jersey and shot him again. While we were told his body was found, we never actually saw it, so resurrecting the character wouldn't be too hard.

Julian could have spent the last few years rebuilding his crime organization behind the scenes. Perhaps Ava even knows he is alive, and that is what is causing her recent strange behavior.

Lulu Falconeri

Why Lulu has been in a coma since 2020 is beyond us. She is a legacy character and an integral part of the Port Charles canvas. She has two children growing up without her, an ex-husband who still loves her but finally decided to move on, and a mother who would be thrilled to have her daughter back.

With Laura looking like she's losing it by wanting to free a serial killer from jail and Dante practically married to Sam, it's the perfect time for Lulu to wake up and shake things up.

Emma Scorpio Drake

A decade ago, GH had a childhood triangle going, with both Cameron and Spencer vying for Emma's affections and Josslyn as the odd girl out. Today, Josslyn is a college student in Port Charles, Spencer is dead, and both Emma and Cameron are in college in California. With a college scene happening right in Port Charles with Josslyn and Trina, it would make sense for Emma to transfer to PCU to be closer to her grandparents, Robert and Anna.

Besides, we need a little bit of Robin Scorpio's legacy in Port Charles, and who better to give that to us than her now-grown daughter?

Cameron Webber

Since Emma will need a love interest, Cameron can fit that bill. Perhaps they meet in California and decide to transfer to PCU together. They can return to Port Charles as a ready-made couple but still enjoy a little angst, considering Cam's previous relationship with Josslyn and how badly it ended. Sure, they made tepid amends, but she did cheat on him just hours before she broke up with him.

We also want to see Elizabeth with all three of her boys and not just Jake and Aiden. Cameron is a missing piece in that family and a missing piece of the young adult scene.

Who would you like to see return to GH? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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