Full Monica's House: All the General Hospital characters living on the Quartermaine estate

Posted Friday, June 28, 2024 11:29:32 AM
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Move over, Metro Court. General Hospital has a new resort in town, located on an old estate.

On General Hospital, Alan Quartermaine once gave his wife Monica a big house -- and it's a good thing, considering how many people now live there. If you need a place to hang your hat, the Q estate seems to be the place to go. The number of characters now living in Monica's house and the surrounding estate is both daunting and mind-boggling at the same time. To keep up, we compiled this handy list below.

The Main House

Monica Quartermaine
Sadly, we rarely see Monica anymore, but we know she still lives in the home her late husband gave her. In recent years, she's had various ailments that keep her upstairs, recuperating rather than joining in with the family bickering, but knowing she is there offers the audience a little comfort as we see all these "newbies" hanging around her home.

Tracy Quartermaine
As often as Monica has reminded Tracy that the Quartermaine mansion is her house, she always allows her sister-in-law and frequent frenemy Tracy to live there whenever she is in town. Thankfully, Tracy seems like she is here to stay, since she arrived back in Port Charles more than a year ago and became a Q mansion mainstay.

Ned, Olivia, and Leo Quartermaine
Tracy's son is raising his family in the main house, as Olivia and her son, Leo, moved in as soon as she and Ned wed. Ned eventually adopted Leo as his son. Even when Ned and Olivia were estranged a few years ago, Olivia just moved into another wing rather than move out of the house altogether. We guess when you live in a mansion, it's easy to get away from your husband when you're angry.

Lois Cerullo
Ned already has one wife living in Monica's house, so why not two? Lois and Olivia know each other from back in Brooklyn and are the best of friends, so it's like Ned has sister wives living with him. We are not sure why Lois' visit has lasted about seven months now and why she can't find her own place, but at least she makes life in the Q house more fun.

Brook Lynn and Harrison Chase, plus Violet Finn
It feels like Brook Lynn just moved out of her family home (that Aunt Monica owns), and now she is back. At least she brought more boarders with her. Newlyweds Brook Lynn and Chase are now living in the main house as the guardians of young Violet Finn. Tracy insisted there was no room in their little apartment, but there's always room at Monica's house.

Drew Cain
Although we almost never see Drew at home, we were reminded he lives in the Q mansion a few months ago when he and Sam held Scout's birthday party there. Monica welcomed the son that Alan never knew he had with open arms and gave him a place to live. So what if he is a mogul with his own money who can afford his own place? At least he is considering changing his last name to Quartermaine so he can capitalize on being a Q for his congressional run.

Sasha Corbin
Once a supermodel and the Face of Deception, Sasha is now the Quartermaine cook, when nobody knew she could even boil water two months ago. Although she technically has a room in the main house, Sasha spends more time with Cody in the stables than she does in the kitchen. We expect she and Cody will soon shack up together in the apartment above the horses, so at least there will be a spare room for the next stray who wants to move into a mansion.

Yuri doesn't come with a last name, but he does come with a variety of skills. He can speak fluent Russian, he's a musician, he's a henchman, he's a bodyguard, and now he is a manservant meeting all Q needs whenever he can. Valentin may have introduced him to the Quartermaines when he took up residence a few years ago, but the family liked him so much, they wouldn't let him leave.

Gio Palmeri
Lois and Olivia's young Brooklyn pal doesn't have to worry about running out of hot water in the dorms at PCU because he's been given a free place to live in the Quartermaine mansion. He's made himself quite at home since moving in and has apparently been appointed point person for any rental openings the family might have.

The Apartment Over the Garage

Josslyn Jacks and Trina Robinson
The Q's have been living on their estate for more than four decades, and we just learned this summer that they have a rental apartment over the garage. Do the Q's need extra income? At least they have Gio around to advertise it and find tenants. Thanks to Gio's tip, Josslyn and Trina are moving on in.

The Gatehouse

Michael, Willow, Wiley, and Amelia Corinthos
Alan and Monica's grandson is filthy rich and can afford his own place, but why bother when Grandma gives you an entire guesthouse to live in? Michael and his wife Willow have lived there for several years now, along with their children, Wiley and Amelia. However, they still refuse to use the Q pool and frequently spend summer days on the Metro Court roof.

The Stables

Cody Bell
Cody made a big splash when he dropped into Port Charles -- literally. He reunited with his long lost best friend, but he bounced around until he landed a job as the caretaker of the Quartermaine stables. He also has a big secret that he's on the verge of sharing with Mac Scorpio.

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