General Hospital's Michael Easton and Jophielle Love's heartbreaking goodbyes to each other

Posted Friday, June 28, 2024 8:59:19 AM
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After five years of working together, the General Hospital on-screen father-daughter duo is no more.

As Michael Easton's time on General Hospital came to a close on June 27, Hamilton Finn and his nine-year-old daughter Violet shared a tear-filled goodbye in the Quartermaine living room. The scenes couldn't help but tug at fans' heartstrings, thanks to the obvious love between Easton and Jophielle Love, who plays Violet.

Finn explained to his daughter that he had to leave her for a few months, but he would be with her again. The character then left for rehab to treat his alcoholism. After the scenes aired, Easton took to Instagram and shared what he felt when those scenes were taped.

"This is the hardest goodbye of all for me," Easton wrote alongside a series of snaps of himself and Love, as well as a video. "The first picture was taken right after Violet and Finn's last goodbye. After they said cut, @jophiellelove and I immediately found each other and we hung on like we didn't want it to end. The last video was taken between scenes on the very first day we met and I remember it like yesterday. Jophielle you are pure magic and you are going to do amazing things in this life. Go forward with rainbows in your heart and know that I will never forget you."

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Love's mother, Karine, also expressed how both she and her daughter felt having to say goodbye to Easton. She likened it to when Love had to bid farewell to her on-screen mom, Rebecca Budig (Hayden Barnes), just a few months after Love's GH debut.

"How do I say goodbye?" she began. "Michael and Jophielle have been working together on @generalhospitalabc for 5 years now! Over 100 episodes...Today's scenes were an absolute heartbreak. Jophielle doesn't lose sight of the possibility of her parents coming back into her GH life...This scene was way too familiar from one she experienced on her first few months on set as her TV mother went through what felt like the same door...saying goodbye...and never returning to this day!

"Poor Violet lost everyone," she continued, describing her daughter's feelings. "Jophielle was genuinely very sad...Her chemistry with Michael on set was amazing from day one, as she always insisted to fix his hair before each take as a five-year-old. Now she is 10...and...tears were pouring down. It was a very very hard day on set and everyone was tearing up...She managed to get through it all like a pro...It was...very emotional and also amazing. Like a grown-up scene."

Karine then sent Easton a message from her own heart.

"Michael...I speak as a mom today who has been there on set every step of the way, being so thankful for you and for Rebecca Budig's incredible love and instant connection with Jophielle. There is something to be said about TV families...and even more on a show like General Hospital, where these families have such a real bond as they are part of a long-lasting legacy. Like Jophielle does...I really hope you get to come back....Never say never...we love you Michael and we thank you for everything. See you soon."

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Love also tweeted a shorter farewell to Easton, as well as a photo of the two on their last day working together.

"Saying goodbye to my dad on @GeneralHospital today was the hardest scene I have had to do so far," she said. "Violet will be waiting for her parents to return someday! I will miss you, Michael!"

Easton announced his departure from GH on June 26. During his dozen years on the lone ABC soap, Easton played his old One Life to Live character, John McBain, from 2012 to 2013, as well as Dr. Silas Clay from 2013 to 2015 and Dr. Hamilton Finn for the last eight years.

Did tears come to your eyes when Violet and Finn said goodbye? Would you like to see Finn return sober and transformed (in the form of Michael Easton) someday? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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