Five The Young and the Restless characters who need a reset NOW

Posted Friday, April 5, 2024 12:30:00 PM
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These The Young and the Restless faves need a shakeup in their lives to set them back on a proper soap opera course.

While some The Young and the Restless fans believe the entire show needs a reset and revamp, sometimes all it takes is putting some characters back on the right path to bring new life to the entire town.

Abby Newman

Melissa Ordway as Abby Newman What is Abby actually doing with her life at the moment aside from flitting around from unearned job to unearned job? She had an infertility and surrogate story. She had an affair that ended her marriage and is now happily with the man she cheated with, and all seems right with her world. Which is all wrong.

Abby seems to have no life and no drama -- and soap characters can't survive that way. Sure, she is now involved with the Chancellor-Winters corporate shenanigans, but it is not her own story, and she is just a peripheral character in this plot.

Kyle Abbott

Michael Mealor as Kyle Abbott Kyle is now a shadow of the man she was before. A liar and a cheater himself, he lost his mind when he learned that Summer lied, and he became a cheater again when he started sleeping with Audra Charles. At least he soon filed for divorce.

Now, his divorce is final, Audra dumped him, and Summer has moved on with Chance without giving Kyle a second glance. What's a spoiled rich boy to do? He could always get some advice from his former father-in-law Nick Newman, but Nick still has a bone to pick with Kyle after what he did to Summer. Maybe Kyle needs to do some self-reflection before he can emerge as a better man.

Sharon Collins

Sharon Case as Sharon Collins Every time it looks like Sharon will get the reset she needs, somehow Y&R falls flat. The Cameron Kirsten story could have moved Sharon to the front burner for more than two weeks, but alas, the plot did not last.

We were excited at the start of the year when she launched her new company and broke things off with Chance. Her stand-alone episode dream made it seem like the show was getting ready to do Shick again in a big way, but since then -- nothing. Sharon is back to being a talk-to for everyone and their problems, and Nick...well...

Nick Newman

Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman Yes, Nick needs a total reset, too. Like Sharon, he's been doing nothing for months on end except wandering around town, trying to butt into other people's problems. He broke up with Sally Spectra months ago and might finally realize that was a smart move. It's clear he would take Sharon back in a second as long as Phyllis doesn't get in the way of that...which brings us to...


Phyllis Summers

Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Summers Last but certainly not least, if any Y&R character needs a serious reset, it's Phyllis. Since her return from the fake dead last year, she's tried to become a better person, but she just keeps failing. Her teenage rivalry with Christine for Danny's affection made her look a little bit crazy and way too immature now that her teen grandchild is on the canvas.

Give Phyllis a purpose and some maturity, and maybe she can become a more entertaining character again.

Even More Resets

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What do you think? What other Y&R characters can use an overhaul? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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